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Kpop Idols Birthday List + Zodiac sign: Which Kpop idol's birthday do .. March (​Pisces, Aries) Lee Hongki (FT Island/Actor) – Mar 2,

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Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels. The British media and the royal family have a weird symbiotic relationship. The media veers between creepy sycophancy and vicious criticism; relentless pursuit coupled with endless judgment. The family invites attention and demands privacy; grants interviews and expects deference.

Transit Mercury stations on Halloween Uranus in Taurus is opposing Venus and Mercury in Scorpio at this time.

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The 9th is a Good Day To. By the age of Generally, when Pluto changes direction, it happens slowly enough that it largely escapes notice. Photo by fotografierende from Pexels.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels. I wish I could remember what I was watching; the speaker outlined five levels of literacy.

People at the lowest level could neither read or write. People, one level up, had a rudimentary ability to read and write. Then here … Read More The 8th is a Good Day To. Venus will transit Scorpio, October 10th — November 1st, Keywords: obsessed, seductive, loyal. Deviant Art I think we will all find that this is a good week to be mindful.

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On the 7th, a stressful opposition between Mercury the mind and Uranus reckless behavior could prompt a As Venus transits Scorpio, remember that your life is not a democracy - it's a wild, uncensored, technicolor garden. Pages Home Contact. Friday, 29 March Love: Profane and Sacred with Priscilla Costello. Sutro Room, Trinity College Oxford 10am-5pm.

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An extremely useful astrological technique for revealing the dynamics of our interactions with others. Given the different levels of human beings, how can we better achieve harmony with each other? Some sample charts will offer suggestions for analysis and interpretation. Commonly associated with confusion and delusion, can we discover more positive aspects of Neptune, as in an attunement with nature, gifts of creativity and heightened intuition, and a profound love of the Divine?

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After looking at the astrological world view, we will explore the journey of the soul into incarnation and the finding of a spiritual path. Buy tickets. In this seminar we will explore the water houses as realms of the soul. Planets in the water houses and their planetary rulers describe the nature of our personal, ancestral and collective inheritance.

They describe our psychic vocation, where and how we are affected by the residues of the past, find ourselves blamed and scapegoated, or become catalysts for change.