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Sign Up. Forgot Password? Forgot Username? The jyotish gemstone highlighting the planet Rahu according to the Indian astrological texts is called the Hessonite or Gomedhaka. It generally resembles to the colour of honey possessing light to deep brownish or red colour. The gomed gemstone comprises of the energies of the baleful and the strong planet RAHU and thus it holds significance in Kalyug i. The Gomed stone is a very powerful gemstone and has a wide variety of benefits on a physical, emotional and psychological level.

The primary benefits of Gomed stones are-. Hessonite or Gomed stone coordinates with Rahu planet which is a menacing planet. So, if this stone is not worn without following all the specific rules and rituals properly then it also carries flaws which are as follows-. One should always wear the Gomed gemstone in the most suitable time frame selected according to vedic astrology.

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Hessonite or Gomed gemstone should be worn on a Saturday in the uniform pattern of Swati, Arudra and Shatbhisha. If these patterns does not occur at the required time and still it is important to wear the Hessonite then you are supposed to wear it on any Shukla Paksha Saturday in the Hora of Saturn. Hessonites must be forged in silver rings or pendants.

A penta alloy i. The feasibility of possessing Hessonite gemstone, the jyotish gem of Rahu, is suitable for the individuals to lead them to victory, gain of wealth and the dawn of fortune according to the vedic astrology. So, from astrology perspective Gomed is recommended as-. Note: We strongly recommend our users to consult an expert astrologer before wearing any gemstone. GEMINI- The charts of the individual in which Rahu is positioned in 1st, 6th, 9th or 11th house should wear the the Gomed gemstone after a trial period of 3 days.

It is suggested by astrologers that one should wear Gomed stone on Thursday in the evening. The weight of the gemstone should be from 2 to 5 rattis. Hessonite Gomedh for Aries: People under the Aries zodiac sign can achieve success by wearing Gomedh but they should wear it when Rahu is in the second, third or tenth position. People under the Taurus zodiac sign should wear Gomedh if Rahu is in the third, sixth, ninth and tenth position for achieving success.

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People under the Gemini zodiac sign, Rahu is regarded as an important planet. Individuals whose Rahu is in first, sixth and ninth position can achieve success in their life by wearing Hessonite. People under the cancer zodiac sign should wear Gomedh after a trial of three days. If Rahu in the third, sixth and tenth position.

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People under the Leo zodiac sign should wear this gemstone for achieving prosperity in life. If Rahu having Individuals in the sixth, tenth or eleventh position. People belonging to Virgo zodiac sign should wear Gomedh when Rahu enters first, fifth, sixth and tenth house. People under the Libra zodiac sign should wear Gomedh when Rahu is in sixth and tenth position.

People under the Scorpio zodiac sign should wear Gomedh when Individuals having Rahu in third, sixth and tenth position for Good luck.

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People under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign should wear this powerful stone while Rahu is in the third, sixth, eighth, tenth and eleventh position. People under the Capricorn zodiac sign, they can wear this particular stone by consulting with an astrologer. People under the Aquarius zodiac sign should wear this stone by keeping certain things in mind.

People under Pieces zodiac sign should wear this particular stone when the Rahu period starts operating. It can cure many diseases like diabetes, urinary problems, sexual problems, etc. Diamond should be worn in 18 carat gold ring on Friday.

The next one is Cats eye. The color of it normally will be brown. The wearing person will not be affected by ghosts, black magic, bad dreams, etc. The gem gives a lot of positive energy. It can be worn on Tuesday in a silver ring. Now we will talk about Garnet gemstone which is called Gomedh in Hindi.

Garnet gemstone is a gem which gets its power from rahu. Normally you can say that rahu is a harmful planet so why should we use a gem for such a planet? Normally it is a mixture of different compounds. The red garnet is made of almandine and pyrope. It was used to convert Constantine to Christianity. The stone is used also as jewelry. People associate gemstone with journeys usually.

Businessmen, tradesmen, travelling persons carry it a lot. Some samples more than ten feet long red garnet is found there. The garnet which is used for astrological purposes must be Hessonite garnet. It must be worn on Shukla Paksha Saturday morning in a silver ring, dipped in milk that is not boiled or gangajal with the use of appropriate mantras. By nature you can call it a cold gem. There are many benefits of the garnet gemstone which saves us from the harm of rahu are as follows. The persons who have sarp dasha like kalsarp dasha are very much helped by the stone.

Mainly it is a disorder of fear of snakes. If the gem suits the person wearing it then all these complicated problems will be cured fully as the problems are effect of rahu on human beings. This stone cures these problems completely.

Astrological Benefits of Hessonite ( Gomed ) Stone

You need to get this stone as the stone is the answer for all these problems. It can protect you from such kind of bad influences. For those people it creates a lot of problems like bad health, relationship problem, alcohol consumption, drugs problem, etc.

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Wearing this garnet gem will give a lot of relief in all these matters. Now you may have a question in mind that how should I buy the right garnet gemstone. Actually there are a few checkpoints you have to check before buying a good quality garnet gemstone. First of all if you want to wear the stone for astrological purposes then you should search for Grossularite Hessonite garnet.

The color of a good garnet must be like cow urine or pure honey. If we check against light a good garnet looks like it is filled with honey.